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Youth Family Adult Connections 

Founded in 1969 as a nonprofit agency, our services have grown alongside Spokane’s needs—and we’ve added relevant counseling and treatment programs for youth, adults and families.

Youth Family Adult Connections (YFA) recognizes addiction as a progressive disease impacting every aspect of a person’s life. Our caring, compassionate and dedicated counselors provide a variety of treatment modalities to meet the individual needs of each person striving to maintain sobriety.

Shelter services for youth, substance use disorders treatment for adults, and school based mental health services for youth are among the programs that enable some of our community’s most vulnerable members begin the process of fitting the pieces of their lives together in healthy and productive ways.

YFA Connections


YFA Connections provides education, prevention, intervention and treatment services to youth, families and adults in conflict or crisis.


YFA Connections is committed to improving health equity by systematically identifying and breaking down barriers to treatment. We strive to increase access to care and to improve delivery of services to those who most need it. We do this by continually reviewing our strategic approach to behavioral health treatment and implementing identified areas of improvement, especially as it pertains to those groups facing the greatest health disparities.

Adult Behavioral Health Service (STEPPS/Aspire)

Thank you all for your professionalism, compassion, wisdom, insight, and help. I now have the strength to follow my dreams without the crutch and distraction of alcohol and drugs.

The friendly and professional staff— they help all your individual, specific needs, and do their best to help guide you along your recovery.

I like the empathy that staff show, the genuine care. They’re knowledgeable in many areas, non-judgmental, extensive outside training, multiple classes to help in different areas.

This program will allow me the educational resources and counseling measures to abstain from illicit activities and put my life into a completely different spectrum.

What I like about this program is that we clients get to control our discussions based on the topic given to us and I believe it lets us help work through our own personal problems better.

Staff are friendly and respectful, counselors are open-minded and care about success over arbitrary metrics. The culture of the organization is open and this spreads to clients.

Safe, respectful environment that allows you to open up and not feel judged after your past mistakes.

The general feeling of comfort even just walking in the door & knowing that every counselor & staff member legitimately cares for us all & wants to help us be our best.

Crisis Residential Center/HOPE

I was welcomed in the best way possible and everyone was SUPER nice.

I liked everything and everyone. They all did amazing—what you’re doing here is amazing.

The things I liked about CRC: for starters, the staff. From my first night here, through all the good days and the rough days, the staff always went out of their way to make sure that the youth are okay and that they are getting what they need. They make sure we are doing okay, they talk to us about our issues, and a lot of the time they helped us through our problems. The staff that work here at CRC are some of the best people that I have ever met. They understand that we go through some crap and they treat us like family, they take us in, feed us, clothe us if needed, respect us, and in many ways show us the love that a lot of us don’t see outside of the CRC. To me, they are family. I love you guys. Thank you!!!

The amount of help and resources they provided and the shelter they offered. And the food was amazing!

The staff is very friendly and tries to make you feel welcome.

School based Behavioral Health Services (Directions)

That I’m able to be myself and talk about anything.

It helps decrease stress, anger, and depression.

The DIRECTIONS Program helps me to be calm and assertive with myself and others.

Being able to say my feelings and have them private.

I can talk to her when I need, and it’s nice to have someone that’s not biased in my personal life.

I have a hard time all the time. She helps me with skills and my ‘tool box’.

It helps me ignore the negative stuff around me and focus on the positive.

I like having the support and finding out different ways to cope that fit my personality. I also like being able to connect with my therapist because normally that is really hard for me.

It has really helped to settle my child and helped him recognize his feelings.

We love the program, works well for child and family.

My child’s turn around has been amazing.

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